Locating Wandering Loved Ones

For families who have a loved one living with dementia, a real concern for their loved one’s safety is at issue due to wandering.  As medical research has shown, some level of “safe” wandering (under the watchful oversight of another) may actually be good.  However, the issue of safety is always a concern. 

There are many different products on the market which serve as a GPS locator (of sorts) for loved ones who wander.  However, one of the primary concerns is that your loved one may forget to take the locator with him/her on any given day.  If it’s not with your loved one when needed, the GPS locators serve no purpose. 

Fortunately, GTX Corporation (a GPS device manufacturer) has teamed with Aetrex Worldwide (a shoe manufacturer) to create a walking shoe which is embedded with a GPS device!

Click this link to learn more about the Aetrex Ambulator collection of shoes for comfort and wellness.

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