Managing Aging Parents’ Prescriptions

It’s a fact of life; as we age, we need greater assistance from modern medicine to remain as healthy as possible.  However, age also brings upon us other physical and mental issues that may impact our ability to properly monitor our prescription medications and ensure that we maintain the proper dosage.

If you are the child of an aging parent, you very well may have such concerns and are trying to assist in the monitoring of dosages for your loved one, whether setting out pill box allotments for the week, or whatever else may be of assistance.  Even with the assistance of these implements, however, it may not be enough to ensure proper dosage is taken.

Most people look to their primary care physician for assistance with these types of matters.  However, you may be overlooking an equally valuable resource in the community: your pharmacist.

To learn more about how your pharmacist may be of even more assistance in these situations, read this article.

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