A Lesson to be Learned

Discuss your plan with your family

For many people, estate planning is of no importance.  Some think to put a Last Will & Testament in place, others do not.  When I speak to prospective clients, many are surprised to hear that there are other documents which should be put into place for during their lifetime . . . a General Durable Power of Attorney, Healthcare Power of Attorney, HIPAA Release Authorization, and Living Will.  These are all documents to take care of you while you are alive, yet most people don’t even conceive of the need.  Estate planning is not, however, simply about putting these documents into place.  If you want to do your children a favor, you will make sure they not only know where these documents are located, but you will also introduce them to your estate planning attorney, financial advisor, accountant, and any other advisors you may consult.  If you go this extra step, when you pass away, your children will know exactly who to turn to so as to make this transition as simple as possible.

To learn more about what a difference this estate planning step will make, read from one individual’s personal experience.

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