Are You Part of the Sandwich Generation?

Many people may be relatively unfamiliar with the term “sandwich generation,” but more likely than not, if you’re a “baby boomer,” you’re also part of the sandwich generation.  According to Wikipedia, the “sandwich generation” is that generation of people who care for their aging parents while also supporting their own children–literally “sandwiched” between responsibilities in each direction.  Unfortunately, with the crippled economy, more and more people are identifying with this generation . . . people who are trying to work toward their own retirements while also trying to personally and financially safeguard the needs of their aging parents and grown children.  The key is to realize that you are not alone.  More and more services, traditional and untraditional, are focusing directly on this need for assistance and financial guidance, whether as an accountant, estate planning and elder law attorney, financial planner, or care provider.  The particular financial and caregiver services you and your family may need depends greatly upon your particular situation.

To learn more about the stories of others in the sandwich generation and how they addressed their needs, read this.

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