De-Institutionalizing Skilled Nursing Facilities

I would have to bet, if you ask anyone in the community what they think of when they think of a skilled nursing facility, one of the descriptive words would include “institutional.”  Well, the skilled nursing facilities seem to have finally heard about their reputation and are trying to make amends by “de-institutionalizing” their facilities.  They are actually building facilities that are more reminiscent of neighborhoods with smaller “homey” facilities that generate a communal feel.  The reinvented skilled nursing facilities may include a large living and dining area with an open kitchen that allows caregivers to chat with residents while preparing meals.  Other features include private bedrooms and baths surrounding the main living area.  Sound too good to be true?  I know of a couple facilities in our area that are doing just this!

Read more to learn more about the deinstitutionalization of skilled nursing facilities.

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