Ever Heard of a Tractor Will?

Tractor WillHave you ever heard of a Last Will and Testament “etched” onto a tractor?  I can’t say I ever have, until I read about one that was drafted by a dying farmer 65 years ago.  Apparently, the farmer was conducting his normal farming operations when something went terribly wrong and he became trapped under a tractor for nearly 10 hours before help arrived.

During that time, no one knows what could have possibly gone through his mind, except for the one thing he left behind.  We took out his pocketknife and etched into the fender of the tractor “In case I die in this mess, I leave all to the wife.”

Due to the extraordinary circumstances surrounding the “execution” of his Last Will and Testament, the courts accepted the fender as a properly executed holographic will.  As fascinating as this story is, however, let it also serve as a testament to the need for proper estate planning with the guidance and counselling of an experienced estate planning attorney.

No one knows what life has in store for them and when their last breath may come; the need to create an estate plan while you are capable is of supreme importance in ensuring the well-being and protection of the loved ones you leave behind.

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