Feeling Out of Control with your Retirement Planning . . . Consider what you can Control

With the economy in such a whirlwind and few people with a feeling of assuredness about their present finances, let alone their future finances, it is often easy for this angst to leave us panic-stricken and questioning our ability to retire at all.  In the past I have lead you to a multitude of different articles (hopefully informative) discussing various financial and estate planning options that may be beneficial to you, depending upon your situation.  This time, I am referencing an article that offers a different view on the same subject.  Instead of focusing on life’s uncertainties, this article works to realign your perspective so that these uncertainties become opportunities for you to take control of your finances and retirement future.  After all, feeling in control of your investments and financial future is half the battle of enjoying your mature years of leisure!

For more information on taking control of your financial future in retirement, read more here.

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