Funding Final Expenses

Funding Final ExpensesNo one likes to think about or discuss the “elephant in the room,” but we all know the familiar adage “there’s nothing certain but death and taxes.”  Despite the certainty of death, most Americans don’t plan for it.  Sadly, when the time comes, the family is left with a lot of decisions to make during a time of grief and ultimately a sizeable bill once decisions are made.

Did you know that there are crowdfunding sites specifically geared toward funding a loved one’s final arrangements?  With funerals exceeding $7,000.00 these days, families are having a difficult time finding a way to pay for desired arrangements and look toward these sites for donations from friends and family.  Gone are the days of memorial flowers or a charitable donation; these days, it’s the final arrangements funding that memorializes a lost loved one.  This does not have to be the case; there are numerous options for you to plan ahead for your own death, which may be one of the most endearing decisions you leave behind for your family.

You should let your final wishes be known, whether you discuss your wishes with family or simply leave a writing.  Let them know whether you would prefer to be buried or cremated, where you would like your remains to rest and any other preferences you have.  Better yet, once you’ve made your decisions, go ahead and prefund your final expenses.  You can pay a funeral/cremation home directly or you can purchase a pre-need policy to fund your final arrangements.  By prefunding your decisions, you set aside funds today at today’s prices, so you can be certain the money will be available to pay for your services in the future without having to worry about inflation and rising costs of the future.

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