Gandolfini’s Poor Estate Planning

You’ve gone to an attorney and put a Will in place, in case something happens to you.  So, you think you’ve done your “due diligence” when it comes to taking care of your family and loved ones.  You could be right; but you could be terribly wrong too.

Just picking any attorney out of the phone book to draft your “simple” Will could prove terribly costly.  Just ask James Gandolfini’s heirs, who could see almost half of his estate go to the IRS within the next 9 months, resulting in the need for a “fire sale” of his assets.

Yes, James Gandolfini is estimated to have died quite a wealthy man; but proper estate planning could have prevented any of his money from going to the IRS.  To learn more about James Gandolfini’s disastrous estate planning decisions click here.

To learn how to prevent this situation from happening to you and your loved ones, peruse our website and ensure you contact a knowledgeable estate planning attorney about your estate planning desires and needs.

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