Have You Put Off Estate Planning for Too Long?

Have You Put Off Your EP Too Long?According to a Rocket Lawyer poll, 57% of Americans say their excuse for not having a Will is that they just haven’t gotten around to making one.  The longer you put it off, though, the direr a catastrophic event could impact your family and loved ones, both emotionally as well as financially.  “Better late than never” is not the terminology you should apply to your estate planning needs.

Without a Will, you allow the State to control who receives your assets when you die.  Worse yet, without a General Durable Power of Attorney and Healthcare Power of Attorney, should you suffer from a catastrophic stroke or dementia, you leave your family helpless to take care of you.  Instead, your loved ones will have to go to court to have some appointed to act as your representative (your “guardian”).  The person appointed by the courts may not even be one of your family members.

Instead of fighting a legal battle during this stressful time, your family and loved ones should be focusing their efforts on taking care of you.  Give your family one of the greatest unexpected gifts during such trying times by getting your estate and affairs in order now, so your needs and desires are documented and known in advance.

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