How to Trick Yourself Into Saving

Need a little kick in the proverbial pants to get yourself back on track with saving for retirement?  Most people need a little incentive every now and again to stay on track.  So, have you ever thought about simply tricking yourself into saving?  Perhaps you should use a Roth IRA to house your “emergency” money instead of a typical savings or money market account.  Chances are, by simply viewing the account as an “IRA,” you will view that account as a retirement account instead of an emergency fund account and tend to leave the money set aside in its current form.  Whereas, if money is simply sitting in a checking or money market account, you would have a greater tendency to spend the money because it is not in that psychologically “protected” form of a retirement account.

To learn more about this trick and several others to push you in the saving direction, click here.

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