New Year’s Resolutions: Getting Your Nest Egg in Shape

2013 - a new year to get your finances in proper order

Many people start the New Year making resolutions relating to their physical and mental health, but have you thought about extending your resolutions to your financial health as well?

After the last few years of difficult economic times, welcoming in 2013 is a perfect opportunity to also work on getting your nest egg in shape.  According to an Employee Benefit Research Institute report, among surveyed workers in 2012, two-thirds said they are a lot (37%) or a little (30%) behind in planning and saving for retirement.  So, put 2012 behind you by resolving to do at least one, if not more, of the following in 2013:

  • Track Spending and Expenses
  • Automate Savings
  • Talk to Your Spouse about Your Retirement Plans and Lifestyle Expectations
  • Strategize to Maximize Your Social Security Benefits
  • Use the Tax Code to Your Advantage by Investing in Retirement Accounts
  • Become Informed about Long Term Care Options and Funding

To learn more about how to adopt and implement one or more of these resolutions, visit here.

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