The Truth About DIY Estate Plans

Know when it really is important to trust in a professional

Thinking of doing you own estate planning?

Odds are, almost everyone has entertained such thoughts . . . it’s just a question of whether you have taken your pen to paper.  With that said, you’ve probably read plenty of blogs and articles from attorneys warning against such planning.  However, you‘ve probably ignored that counseling, believing that all such opinions are nothing more than self-interested.

Well, take heart in the fact that even attorneys may have your best interests at heart in the counseling provided.

In fact, as a recent Forbes article provides:

“The trouble with do-it-yourself planning is that even if your situation seems simple, there are many oddball things a layman wouldn’t think of that can go wrong, especially with wills and trusts. These mistakes can end up costing you or your heirs a lot more than you saved in legal fees.”

To learn more about specific mistakes and misunderstandings that may cause a world of trouble for the loved ones you leave behind, read this article.

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