The Unexpected Family Gift

Everyone can probably agree that it is a good idea to have a back-up plan for unexpected catastrophic events which have the potential to impose drastic health and financial burdens upon ourselves and our loved ones.  However, when taken to task on this issue, a recent survey by State Farm Life Insurance found that while 81 percent of respondents say having a back-up plan is very important, only 45 percent say they have actually made plans and 35 percent say they have funds on hand to meet financial needs for three months or less.

The thrust of the matter is that preparing for the unexpected can make a catastrophic event or life crisis seemingly easier to bear because you already have a “plan B” in place that will begin working immediately for you and your loved ones.  In fact, the gift of planning ahead and establishing a “plan B” for your health and financial soundness may be the greatest gift you can provide your loved ones when they are grappling with such difficult times and simply trying to manage their own emotions.

To learn more about one person who established a “plan B” and the gift of clarity and comfort he was able to provide his family in a time when they needed it most, read this account.

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