Year-End Tax Planning Considerations

There are better ways to prepare for taxes--contact your tax specialist.

As we move toward the month of December, it’s time to review our financial decisions made throughout the year and determine whether additional estate and gift tax planning decisions should be made before year’s end.  These considerations are all the more important this year when there are some unique planning options available, especially for wealthier tax payers.  Specifically, there are some unusually generous estate tax exclusions for 2011 (and currently 2012) decedents.  In addition,  charitable giving offers some major advantages in escaping taxation, and Roth IRA benefits continue to be an option, etc.  If you would like to learn how these options can benefit you, make sure you contact your accountant and/or an experienced estate planning attorney to review your situation and explore your options.

Read this to learn more about the specific planning options available to limit and even escape some taxation.

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