We’re Moo-ving!

2200 Wrightsville Avenue, Suite 213 will be the new home of Four Pillars Law Firm beginning March 1, 2012

We’re on the moooove!!!

As of March 1, 2012, Four Pillars Law Firm will be located at 2202 Wrightsville Avenue, Suite 213, Wilmington, NC 28403 (near the intersection of Wrightsville Avenue and Dawson Street, behind the “painted cow”). We’re excited about our new office which will give us more space, ample parking and upgraded office amenities.

As you can see from the adjacent photo, we’re going to have at least one very colorful neighbor. Affectionately referred to as “Bossy” (although others know her as “Hospitality” or “Accowmodations”), this lifesize fiberglass cow hails all the way from Chicago. But, since she’s lived in Wilmington since September 2000, many consider her to be practically a Wilmington native!

The painted cow sculpture was originally part of a temporary public art exhibit called “Cows on Parade.”  The exhibit, consisting of a herd of more than 300 cows, was erected around the city of Chicago, each cow having been decorated by a different artist to highlight some aspect of the Windy City’s business or cultural heritage.

“Our” cow was commissioned by Polly Pancoe Kortlander, the daughter of Wilmington real estate developer Walter Pancoe. Ms. Pancoe founded a discount hotel reservations company, so she asked for a hotel theme (thus the names “Accowmodations” and “Hospitality” and the travel-related scenes painted on her body).  At one time, the cow even sported earrings shaped like hotel keys.

When the temporary public art exhibit ended, Mr. Pancoe decided to import Bossy to Wilmington to add a bit of whimsy to the Port City.  He installed her in the front yard of the 2200 Wrightsville Office Park, an office park that his firm developed. Pancoe even built Bossy her own personal gazebo to protect her from the elements.  Still, she does require occasional cleaning and repair (her last “bath” was in 2007!).  

Although Bossy is no longer wearing her hotel key earrings, she does like to accessorize.  During the Azalea Festival, she often wears a garland of azaleas. And for months after 9/11, she wore red, white and blue ribbons and small American flags. She sometimes brings them back out for patriotic holidays. During the holiday season, Bossy gets in touch with her inner “reincow”, donning antlers and holiday garland.

Walter Pancoe said that Bossy’s main job is to put a smile on the faces of the people of Wilmington.  She certainly does that for us, and we hope that she makes you smile too!

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