Speaking of Elephants in the Room . . .

Most of my recent blogs have referred to one type of “elephant” in the room or another.  So, in the spirit of conformity, I decided to round out the week with yet another “elephant” in the room discussion!  This blog’s “elephant” in the room is the future of Social Security and Medicare now that the final members of the “debt panel” super-committee have been named. 

The so-called super-committee is made up of six Republicans and six Democrats who have until November 23 of this year to cut the deficit by $1.2 trillion or risk automatic spending cuts which neither party wants.  There is no certainty about what may be on the table and no guarantee that an agreement will be reached; however, if is fairly evident that two of the bigger “elephants” in the room are Social Security and Medicare.

To learn more about the issues confronting the super-committee, go here.

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