Affordable Care Act’s Impact on Medicare

Affordable Care Act’s Impact on MedicareWe have all been inundated by information regarding the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Regardless of your feelings on the new law, everyone will likely be affected by its implementation, including Medicare recipients. In fact, more impactful to the senior population than the individual mandate, are the changes to Medicare.

The changes in Medicare include prescription drug coverage that will eventually reach 25% across the board for all prescription drugs. The increase in coverage will be felt by those who spend more than $2800 per year on prescription drugs. Where there was no coverage by Medicare when the prescription drug expense of an individual was between $2800 and $4550, there will eventually be coverage of 25% for all such expenses for those receiving Medicare.

Another Medicare change under the ACA is increased coverage of preventive care. These now-covered services include annual wellness visits, flu shots, tobacco use cessation counseling, cancer screenings, diabetes screenings and screenings for other chronic diseases.

Finally, the ACA’s changes to Medicare include a cut to Medicare Advantage Plans. The ACA restricts the options that can be provided by these plans. This may result in fewer choices to seniors and it makes uncertain the future of Medicare Advantage Plans.

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