Practical Aspects of the Sandwich Generation

Sandwich GenerationIn the current economic environment, more and more families are identifying themselves as the Sandwich Generation . . . a group of retirees who are not only caring for aging parents, but also financially fortifying their recent college graduates who cannot find a job.

The tug on their heartstrings makes them want to say “yes” to every request . . . regardless of how emotional or financial the need.  However, it may not be the best answer for the family as a whole.

Properly conceived, you entered retirement with a thoughtful game plan; one which most probably did not include taking care of your children’s financial needs past college.  This change of situation may have a drastic impact upon your retirement unless you address the situation practically and without those rose-colored lenses you normally dawn when responding to loved ones pleas for help.  After all, taking care of loved ones’ financial needs now may mean they are one day strapped with your financial woes.

To learn more about how to practically and lovingly respond to your loved ones’ needs for help, while also sustaining your retirement planning, check out a recent news article by clicking here.

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