Long Distance Caregiving Tips

Resources are available to help provide a loved one assistance from a distance

It’s difficult enough trying to care for an aging loved one at home or near you, but the difficulties rise substantially when you are long distance from your loved one.  You most likely are not able to check in with your loved one as often as you would like, which could lead to your loved one living in an unsafe environment without your knowing.  As such, it is often beneficial to request the assistance of family friends and neighbors close to your loved one who are willing to check in on your loved one from time to time.  Depending upon the situation and concern, you may even wish to hire professional caregivers who can provide more reliable and direct assistance.  In determining what is most appropriate for your loved one, it’s always good to do some research and become knowledgeable about your family’s options.  There are not only professional caregivers available, but also companies who work directly with your family to identify the caregiver that would be most suitable.

Read this article to learn more tips and resources for long distance caregiving.

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