What We Do

Four Pillars Law Firm is dedicated to helping families protect and preserve all that they hold dear . . . both their loved ones as well as their hard earned assets.

Four Pillars Law Firm provides superior legal services within the following four practice areas:

  • Estate Planning & AdministrationCreate a plan in advance for the unknowns of the future.
    Contrary to popular belief, everybody needs an estate plan, whether you are working or retired, single or married, wealthy or not.  Without a proper plan, you may cause your family emotional turmoil and financial hardship.  A proper estate plan allows you to decide in advance exactly how your assets will be used if you become incapacitated as well as how they will be distributed when you pass away.
  • Asset ProtectionEnsure that unexpected events do not devastate your family’s financial well being.
    Without proper asset protection, an unexpected car accident could leave your family exposed to financial ruin.  We provide strategies to protect your home and assets from the unexpected.
  • Veterans (Improved Pension “Aid & Attendance”) BenefitsIf you’ve served your country, you deserve all of the benefits you have earned.
    If you’ve served your country during wartime, you may be eligible for financial assistance to help pay for medical expenses as well as at-home care and long term care facilities.  We provide estate planning and asset protection strategies to make sure that veterans do not go without these little known benefits.
  • Elder Law & Long Term Care PlanningYou’ve worked too hard to lose your home and savings to medical expenses, particularly to long term care expenses.
    Our legislature has provided many government programs to assist citizens with skyrocketing medical and long term care expenses.  If you or a loved one need medical assistance at home or in a long term care facility, your savings and financial resources may be spent very quickly.  We provide planning solutions which legally maximize long term care government benefits, while protecting hard earned assets for your family and loved ones.

Now that you have discovered how we may be able to help you with your own estate planning and asset protection needs, please Contact Us with your particular inquiry and see if you qualify for a free initial consultation so that we may discuss your individual concerns and develop an estate and/or asset protection plan that meets your needs.

Additionally, please take advantage of the many Helpful Resources we offer to clients as well as visitors to our website.  We hope you find these Helpful Resources informative.

If you would like to learn more about the services we offer, please visit our Estate Planning & Administration page to read about general estate planning techniques, or visit another one of our practice areas by making the appropriate selection at the top of the page.

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