Asset Protection

Four Pillars Law Firm is dedicated to helping families protect and preserve all that they hold dear . . . both their loved ones as well as their hard earned assets.

Without proper asset protection, a car accident or other unexpected disaster could leave your family exposed to financial ruin.  Our firm strives to safeguard you and your loved ones from losing hard-earned assets to other entities or individuals as a result of a business-related matter or individual catastrophic liability.  We create powerful legal strategies to protect your home and assets from unexpected life events.  There are many reasons why you should incorporate an asset protection plan into your overall estate plan, including:

  • Medical bills from an unforeseen accident;
  • Divorce;
  • Business failure;
  • Monetary judgments from litigation or lawsuits;
  • Expenses associated with the long term care of yourself or your spouse; and
  • Expenses associated with caring for a loved one with special needs.

Asset protection does not involve the “hiding” of assets from known creditors; such activities are unethical as well as unlawful.  Our firm will develop and guide you through the legal process in which you proactively organize your assets in order to safeguard them against the potential risks which could otherwise cause significant asset loss or divestment.  Asset protection planning is generally tax-neutral (does not reduce or eliminate taxes); however, it can produce estate, gift and income tax advantages.  Where appropriate, asset protection techniques are an integral part of estate planning.

The long-term benefits of asset protection are a major reason why you should consider establishing a comprehensive estate plan, regardless of your age.  Estate planning which incorporates asset protection is all about establishing peace of mind, assuring you and your family that unexpected events will not devastate your family’s financial security and well-being.

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