Elder Law & Long Term Care Planning

Four Pillars Law Firm is dedicated to helping families protect and preserve all that they hold dear . . . both their loved ones as well as their hard earned assets.



Four Pillars Law Firm is an experienced elder law firm that handles the unique issues encompassed by the term elder law, including, but not limited to:

  • Estate planning
  • Retirement and financial issues affecting seniors
  • Asset protection planning
  • Veterans benefits planning
  • Long term care planning (for assisted living and skilled nursing facilities)
  • Estate administration and probate

No matter what elder law services you require, our firm can help you formulate a solution and plan of action.


Our legislature has provided many government programs to assist citizens with skyrocketing medical and long term care expenses.  If you or a loved one need medical assistance at home or in a long term care facility (e.g. Assisted Living or Skilled Nursing Facility), your savings and financial resources may be consumed very quickly on this cost of care alone.

The truth is that skilled care in a facility may cost more than $75,000 a year!  We provide planning solutions which legally maximize long term care government benefits, while protecting hard earned assets for your family and loved ones.

Eligibility rules for long term care government benefits (e.g. Medicaid) are very complex.  Generally, an applicant cannot have more than $2,000 worth of “countable” assets and establish eligibility.  Although “countable” assets do not normally include an applicant’s home, automobile, and certain personal property, the values of all other assets are considered in assessing eligibility.

Four Pillars Law Firm assists potential applicants and their families in ascertaining the difference between these “countable” and “non-countable” asset categories.  Additionally, we educate and counsel applicants and their families about how to legally reduce the “countable” assets to the eligibility level while still protecting valuable assets for the applicant and loved ones.  We understand that this may be a very difficult and trying time for you and your loved ones; we are here to ease the burden of complex legal and financial matters so that you may focus on what is truly important . . . the health and well-being of those you love.

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