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Kelly M. ShovelinKelly Shovelin is not only the founder of Four Pillars Law Firm and an active practicing attorney; she is also a sought-after public speaker.

In recent years, Kelly has delivered dozens of speeches and educational workshops to many different groups including: veterans, pet owners, farmers, widows and widowers, baby boomers, and women’s organizations.

Her success lies in her belief that learning about the law can be interesting, informative and helpful to anyone, and in their presentation style, which is accessible and entertaining.

Kelly is available to speak to your professional association, business audience, social service organization, nonprofit organization, civic club, classroom or other group on a range of topics, including but not limited to:


  • How to Avoid the “Dirty Dozen” Detecting and avoiding the most common estate planning misconceptions and how to protect against them.
  • Creating an Iron-Clad Future for Your Family’s Well-Being An introductory survey to core estate planning tools.
  • How to Detect a “Minefield” Trust and Turn It Into “a Walk in the Park”: An overview of cutting-edge strategies and opportunities for those with Revocable Living Trusts.
  • Can You Trust Your Trust Will Work For You? A workshop on properly “funding” trusts so they do the “job” they’re meant to do.
  • Earn Your Family Millions with an IRA Inheritance Trust A talk on how couples with over $200,000 total in IRAs and other company retirement accounts may be leaving millions “on the table”.
  • Are You Wading Into Hot Water with Your Trustee Duties? An explanation of a Trustee’s duties and responsibilities to beneficiaries under a Trust.
  • Where to Start When You’ve Been Widowed An overview of the many legal and financial considerations that need to be addressed by a recent widow(er), whether or not there is an estate plan in place.


  • Protect Your Family from Devastating Long Term Care Expenses: A presentation on the ways to pay for long term care and how to shield your family’s nest egg from decimation.
  • You Served Your Country . . . Let the VA Service Your Long Term Care Needs: An explanation of little-known Veterans Benefits Administration’s Improved Pension “Aid & Attendance” Benefit which pays upwards of $2,000 to veterans (and/or their surviving spouses) to supplement long term care medical expenses.
  • Avoiding the “Sandwich Generation” Squeeze: A presentation for those who are caring for their aging parents while supporting their own children with strategies to protect their aging parents’ savings while still amassing their own.
  • Have You Paid Special Attention to Your Loved One with Special Needs? An introduction to comprehensive estate planning for loved ones with special needs and how to properly provide for them upon your passing.
  • Estate Planning Really Is For the Dogs . . . & Cats! Most people contemplate leaving an inheritance to children, but fail to provide for the pets who provide us unconditional love. This talk explains how to leave a legacy to ensure one’s pets are cared for properly.
  • How to Ensure You Never “Lose the Farm” An overview for farmers and owners of agricultural businesses on the dire consequences that may result from a failure of proper planning, both for the family and business, as well as planning opportunities available to safeguard against such tragedies.

Please contact us if you are interested in bringing Kelly Shovelin to your organization, conference, or event as a featured speaker. And, if you have a topic in mind that isn’t listed here, please don’t hesitate to make a special request!


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