Who We Work With

Four Pillars Law Firm is dedicated to helping families protect and preserve all that they hold dear . . . both their loved ones as well as their hard earned assets.

Four Pillars Law Firm works with families throughout North Carolina, at all stages of life planning.  We want to ensure that everyone has the chance to develop a proper life plan and protect themselves and their loved ones from unexpected life occurrences. Proper estate planning minimizes the financial harm of a tragedy, incapacity, or need for long term care, so that family members can focus on what is truly important—the medical and emotional well-being of their loved ones.

We create unique, tailored plans and powerful legal solutions based upon individual client concerns and situations.  Whether you are saving for a child’s college fund, looking toward enjoying retirement, or trying to minimize the devastating costs of long term care, Four Pillars Law Firm provides custom legal services designed to address your concerns and identify the most appropriate solution.

For some general information regarding situations in which we may be of assistance, please select a link below which most closely describes your concerns:

Due to our unique legal experience and our caring, professional staff, we often work to help families who are coping with Alzhiemer’s or Dementia.

We also provide legal solutions for those who would like to ensure the continued care of a loved on with Special Needs due to disability.

If you would prefer to receive more unique and personalized information regarding your particular concerns, please Contact Us with your inquiry and see if you qualify for a free initial consultation.

Additionally, if you would like to learn more about our firm, please visit the How We Work page to read about our consultation process.

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