How We Work

Because each family has unique estate planning needs, we offer a complimentary initial consultation to assess your family’s situation and concerns and offer individualized practical solutions based upon the information you provide.


  • Saying “Hello” – Once you have decided to Contact Us, our friendly and professional staff will ask you some basic questions to assess the main elements of your situation and whether we believe we will be able to assist you.
  • Getting to Know You – If we believe we will be able to assist you with your particular situation and concerns, we will send you a Confidential Questionnaire, which we use to determine if you qualify for a Free Consultation.  We realize that your time is invaluable.  By taking the time to complete our Questionnaire, we are able to both help you organize your information and assist us in determining how to best assist you and your loved ones.
  • Inviting You to Our Office – Once we receive the Confidential Questionnaire, our attorneys carefully consider your situation to identify potential planning options and solutions concerning your particular estate and/or asset protection plan.  Once your information is carefully considered, we will contact you and invite you to our office at a mutually convenient time for a Free Consultation to discuss the solutions we have developed for your planning needs.
  • Consultation – On the day of the Consultation, we request that you bring any relevant documents to the meeting (e.g. existing legal documents and financial account statements).  It is also mandatory that all relevant Decision Makers (e.g. spouses, if you are married, as well as any family members whose opinion is crucial to determining whether you would like to move forward with the planning discussed) attend the meeting.  The Free Consultation entails approximately one hour of “round-table” discussion, during which we further discuss your specific concerns and goals and present you with legal solutions customized to minimize your concerns and accomplish your goals.
  • Quote for Attorney Fees – At the end of the consultation, there is no pressure or obligation for you to follow through with the solutions we proffer; you may decide whether the solutions are appropriate for your situation in life.  It is only at this point, once all information is gathered, discussed, and assessed, that a fee may be quoted to accomplish your unique legal objectives, based upon the plan discussed during the Free Consultation.
    Our legal solutions are generally offered on a flat fee basis.  There is no obligation to pay for our services until you are offered a quote.  The flat fee is a one-time payment for all legal services necessary to accomplish your unique legal objectives (although third party expenses, such as Filing Fees charged by the Court and Recording Fees charged by the Register of Deeds, are not included).  Four Pillars Law Firm DOES NOT profit from third party fees.  Four Pillars Law Firm only charges fees for professional legal services, and does not collect fees or commissions for the sale of Insurance Products, Annuities, or any other Wealth Management Products.  If such products are desired or necessary to effectuate your estate planning and/or asset protection goals, we are happy to work with your current advisors, or to suggest an appropriate Financial Planning professional.
  • Choosing Four Pillars Law Firm – If you decide to join our family of satisfied clients, a contract is signed for the flat fee quoted.  Generally, one-half of the payment is due upon signing, and the final one-half is due upon completion of all legal services detailed in the contract.
  • Working Together – Once you are part of our clientele family, we encourage open communication.  We work with your family members, advisors, and confidante’s (per your discretion and consent), in order to effectuate your legal objectives as quickly, thoroughly, and conveniently as possible.  If you have a question, our company policy is to respond within 24 business hours.  We are accessible via telephone, fax, and e-mail – whichever is most convenient for your needs.

Now that you have learned more about the process Four Pillars Law Firm uses for client consultations, please take a moment to hear what our existing clients have to say about the services we provide in their Testimonials and then Contact Us with your particular inquiry and see if you qualify for a free initial consultation.

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